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Monsters of the Deep ” from February 19 to 26, 2024 at Remix . The works presented were developed during his six-month artistic residency organized by Remix in partnership with La Condamine.

The artist conceptualized his creations so that they fit fully into their exhibition space. The scenography was designed with the aim of immersing the visitor in a place where the limits between imagination and reality blur, a place where the paintings truly become windows to another world; that of the depths.

Exploring its depths reveals the Beings who live there, a figurative representation of the abstraction of our unconscious fears. The artist inserts pareidolia into his works, a visual phenomenon that pushes us to see recognizable shapes in abstract images. It is a process that is linked to subjective perception. Based on this postulate, the pareidolia present in the paintings aim to let the visitor's imagination create their own monsters.

artist peintre Diogène

Young artist established in Paris. Through her painting, Elia Diogène, links the formal, exterior aspect to the internal world of the psyche. It is a research on the role that the unconscious can have in the creation, answering the desire to know beyond the forms and the matters what hides the Art of our spirit.

These works, with mysterious characters and shapes, refer to an imaginary world. The play of drape and canvas reinforces the dramatic feeling and helps tie the painted area to a more sculptural aspect.

Its diversity of influence varies between theory and artistic movements such as surrealism, art brut or ethnic art. In addition, his artistic renewal includes a more psychological and philosophical vision on the role of psychic existence.

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Monsters from the unconscious

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